First Name (LAT): Joannes
Last Name (other forms): Brictius
First Name (other forms): Johannes
Born (year): 1654
Born (place, EN/modern local): Warmia
Died (year): 1710
Died (place, EN/modern local): Vilnius (Estreicher)
Comments (EN): Source 1 does not fit into the long series of religious writings ascribed to Joannes Briccius by Estreicher and WorldCat. How sure is his authorship? Possible interference with Martin Briccius (1665-1727)? If the authorship can be confirmed, this would perhaps be an interesting case.
Source 1: Logika, fizyka i metafizyka w Uniwersytecie Wilenskim (VUB, F 3–2131, F 3–2227)
Last Name (LAT): Briccius
Important places (EN/modern local): Vilnius, Dźwińsk, Pułtusk, Warszawa, Braniewo, Pińsk
First letter of last name: b

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