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Language(s) of text: Latin
Coverage: 18th century
Subject: Treatise where Dogiel discusses his experience as an archivist and also touches some more general topics of ethics, politics, epistemology. Dogiel expresses his unfavourable attitude towards historians Titus Livius and Marcin Kromer who, according to him, tend to present historical matters too freely, without any documental basis, in a non-objective and non-scientific way.
Secondary literature: J. Nowak - Dlužewski, Karta z dziejow kultury polskiego osiemnastowiecza. - "Przegląd humanistyczny", rocz. 5, 1961, nr. 1, s. 141-143.
Contact person: Živilė Pabijutaitė
Pages from: XXIII
Pages to: XXVIII
Date: 1758
Library: MAB
Title/incipit: Prospectus operis in quo eiusdem in tomos distributio. Ad praestantissimos regni Poloniae, et M. D. Lituaniae cives. [Codex diplomaticus Regni Poloniae et Magni Ducatus Lituaniae, t. 1, Vilnae, MDCCLVIII]
Lived from: 1715.VIII.7
Lived to: 1760.II.25
Relevance for project (low 1 - 5 high): 3
Copyright/legal status: To be checked
Signature: L - 18/ 244
Physical description: Printed edition
Place: L - 18/ 244
If book: printing house(s): To be checked
Creator(s): Dogiel Mathias Dominicus

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