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Language(s) of text: Latin
Coverage: Early 18th century
Subject: Student theses from the disputes that took place in Vilnius university and were supervised by Eynarowicz. In 20 theses there are the most common and traditional doctrines of scholastic logic presented. They are printed in one page of a large format, together with the manuscript of the logic course delivered by Eynarowicz.
Contact person: Živilė Pabijutaitė
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Date: 1701
Library: VUB
Title/incipit: Conclusiones ex universa logica. Disputabantur in alma academia et universitate Vilnensi societatis Iesu a religiosis eiusdem societatis, anno Domini 1701 mense octobri.
Lived from: 1644.VII.26
Lived to: 1714.IV.25
Relevance for project (low 1 - 5 high): 3
Copyright/legal status: To be checked
Signature: F3 - 1014
Physical description: Manuscript
Place: F3 - 1014
Creator(s): Eynarowicz Christophorus Franciscus

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