Additional information (e.g. institutions, itineraria): Studies: graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy of Vilnius university. Professional activity: unknown.
Language(s) of text: Latin
Coverage: 17th century
Subject: Theses were prepared to obtain a master's degree of liberal arts and philosophy. There are 21 theses in total: 1-4 belong to logic, 5-19 - to physics, 20-21 - to metaphysics. In them, the most common and traditional views of scholastic philosophy are presented.
Contact person: Živilė Pabijutaitė
Pages from: 1
Pages to: 11
Date: 1688
Library: VUB
Title/incipit: Conclusiones ex universa philosophia. Sub auspiciis perillustris magnifici domini D. Georgii Laurentii in Zemloslaw Zemlla subdapiferi Osmianensis notarii thesauri M. D. L. Capitanei Dziewieniscensis etc. Defensae ab erudito ac generoso domino Georgio Grynkiewicz AA. LL. et philosophiae baccalaureo metaphysices auditore pro suprema philosophiae laurea. Praeside R. P. Zacharia Modzelewski societatis Jesu AA. LL. et philosophiae magistro, eiusdemque ordinario in alma universitate Vilnensi societatis Jesu professore.
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Relevance for project (low 1 - 5 high): 3
Copyright/legal status: To be checked
Signature: III - 320
Physical description: Unknown
Place: III - 320
Creator(s): Grynkiewicz Georgius

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