Additional information (e.g. institutions, itineraria): Studies: unknown. Professional activity: dominican theologian and philosopher. During 1776-1779 taught philosophy in Vilnius dominican school. Combined scholastic views with the conceptions of modern science and philosophy.
Language(s) of text: Latin
Coverage: Late 18th century
Subject: Manuscript of general physics course, delivered at Vilnius dominican school in 1778. Scholastic views are combined with the modern science and philosophy.
Contact person: Živilė Pabijutaitė
Pages from: 1
Pages to: 167f.
Date: 1778
Library: VUB
Title/incipit: Physica sive scientia naturalis. Ad mentem divi Thomae Aquinatis angelici ecclesiaeque doctoris in principiis Aristotelis veterum et recentiorum philosophorum secundum quod consonant sensui euisdem S. Doctoris. Tradita Vilnae ab admodum reverendo patre sacrae theologiae lectore Ludovico Kiwillowicz actuali philosophiae professore ordinis praedicatorum anno 1778. Divided into parts: Praefatio in physicam, 4-5. Quaestio praeambula prima, 6-14. Quaestio praeambula secunda, 15-20. Physica generalis, 20-167.
Lived from: Unknown
Lived to: Unknown
Relevance for project (low 1 - 5 high): 3
Copyright/legal status: To be checked
Signature: F3 - 880
Physical description: Manuscript
Place: F3 - 880
Creator(s): Kiwillowicz Ludovicus

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